Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fishing Gear For Sale

15mm UV F-Up Fritz £3 

This is a UV version of Dave’s popular 15mm translucent Fritz. Again, very easy to tie with and the strands are well-bonded onto the core. This Fritz is suitable for a range of Blob sizes from 10 to 14: use close touching turns of the material for the size 10, opens turns for the 12, and use it short dressed (start further up the hook shank) on the 14. Available in springwater blue, yellow peril, green glow yellow, cat green, sunburst, bubble gum pink, pimp pink, candy coral, biscuit, flame red, damsel olive and black velvet.

Mini 4mm F-Up Fritz £3 

Dropping right down the size range is this smaller diameter mini 4mm Fritz that comes in a great range of colours: springwater blue, yellow peril, green glow yellow, cat green, sunburst, candy coral, fire orange, flame red, pimp pink, damsel olive and black velvet, and you get almost four metres per pack. Perfect for mini lures, Dabblers, wet flies and for creating thoraxes on nymphs.

Semperfli fine wires £1.99

THESE new wires come in two diameters, a fine wire at 0.1mm and lure wire at 0.2mm. The 0.1mm wire is exceptionally fine and soft, but fairly strong for its diameter and it is perfect for ribs, butts and thoraxes on mini lures, wet flies and nymphs.

It is especially useful for creating secondary ribs on Crunchers and Buzzers. For instance, on a Buzzer, after laying in a body you rib it with your preferred tinsel and then use this lovely fine wire to rib counter-clockwise over the tinsel.

This not only reinforces it but can also give you another colour contrast. Because of its light weight and fine diameter this wire can also be used very successfully on dry flies.

The thicker 0.2mm lure wire is what I would call a medium wire and is great for larger patterns, especially lures, or also when you want to create a thicker, bolder tag, rib or thorax. It can also be used for wire bodies or thoraxes on nymphs,

Buzzers an Crunchers. In the Brassie variant (pictured below) I’ve tied it in close touching turns along the body. The 0.2mm wire has the same properties as the fine wire, being soft and malleable, easy to work with, and good and strong.

You get 20 metres of wire per spool and they come in a huge range of colours: black, hot green, brown, copper, ivory/white, red, chartreuse, deep purple, light gold, baby pink, bright gold, bright silver, hot pink, march brown, sea green, vivid green, bright damsel green and deep sea/opaque blue and ice blue.

There is something for both imitative tying and for lures and attractors that require bolder, brighter colours. All are supplied on spools with a retaining cap on the top.

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